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A Combination Trip like No Other

It's time to embark on a journey for the senses. Dive into the depths of discovery and come face to face with adventure. Two lands await; both wild in spirit and pure at heart.

Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, acts as a force of nature and a playground for the intrepid. Ireland, the Land of Saints and Scholars, brings Celtic stories, sights and sounds to center stage. Together, these two places make one unforgettable journey.

Somewhere between basking in the Blue Lagoon and losing your breath at the Cliffs of Moher, it will hit you: everyone could use a dose of Iceland & Ireland.


Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice


Iceland City Break Tours

There are endless ways to explore the country of Iceland. You may wish to visit the place on its own, or you may want to see it before heading to Ireland. Either way, we can customize your Iceland vacation to be exactly what you want.


The following tours are great to combine with Ireland or to take on their own:

Unwind in Iceland    Exploring Iceland    Iceland Enlightenment

Ireland: The Land of Saints & Scholars


Ireland Self-Drive Tours

There are so many reasons to set foot on the Emerald Isle and one of our favorites is with a combination tour. With that in mind, Ireland is great to see all on her own with countless gems to uncover. Our travel experts are happy to create the combination tour you desire or the solo Ireland tour of your dreams. 


We recommend pairing any of the following Ireland tours with Iceland:

  10 Day Wild Atlantic Way    Ireland's Ancient East    Ireland Experience

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 Check out our posts on why we love visiting these incredible countries:

Iceland & Ireland Sample

The Perfect Combination in Video Form

There are numerous ways we can customize your vacation. This video gives you a taste of what a trip to Iceland and Ireland could be like. 

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