Northern Europe

Iceland | Norway | Sweden | Denmark | Finland | Faroe Islands
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Tours of Northern Europe

People know these countries by many names: the Nordic region or countries, Scandinavia, or Northern Europe. Whatever you call them we know what you are talking about. They all share a common Viking heritage, staggering beauty, cosmopolitan cities, and happy people. 

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While they share common traits, each destination is very different and there are many ways to see them. Get to know the countries a little better below:

Northern Europe by Country


The land of ice and fire, light and darkness, geysers and glaciers, volcanoes, and all the waterfalls!


It's all about the fjords for some, but Norway offers other stunning scenery, wildlife, and wilderness.


Dripping with culture, coming alive at night, spellbound with fairy-tales, and echoes of Vikings.


Cities popping with color but spread across 14 islands, Sweden has spectacular nature.


A cool and creative capital in the south, and a winter wonderland and adventure paradise up north.

Faroe Islands

Culture as unique as the landscape, with people as happy as they are isolated. 17 islands, 5 traffic lights.

Yes, Northern Europe is awesome!

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