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Outlander filming locations

Much of Diana Gabaldon's captivating book series takes place in the enchanting location of Scotland. The hit STARZ show gives millions of fans an even better visual of Claire's world, bringing much of the fantasy to life. Nothing brings you closer, however, than a visit to the real-life spots where much of the series' inspiration and filming has taken place.

We've compiled timeless Scotland and Outlander information to give you the ultimate Outlander filming locations experience. No time travel necessary, but you just may feel as though you've stepped into another century. Disclaimer: Jamie Fraser in a kilt not included.

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Where is Outlander filmed in Scotland?

Loch Ness Jacobite

Listen to a breakdown of your favorite Outlander locations

Fiction has never been closer to reality with our Outlander episode of 50 Reasons to Visit Britain. Co-hosts Joe and Caitlin cover everything from:

  • What it's like to visit the real-life Castle Leoch
  • The number of times Sam Heughan dyes his hair between episodes
  • Where the inspiration to the Standing Stones is located

8 Day Outlander Tour of Scotland

Outlander Standing Stones

Follow Sassenach through the Highlands

Claire's journey takes her throughout stunning places filled with history and intrigue. She enters a world of spell-binding stones and curious characters. However, you don't need to go back in time to experience the magic of Scotland. The land of the waterhorse and wee dram offers real life beauty even better than fiction. Our Outlander self-drive tour gives you the chance to explore filming locations and gems waiting to be uncovered.

This tour gives you the chance to:

  • Discover the real life Castle Leoch and learn how grand banquets were once prepared
  • Visit the eerie site of the Battle of Culloden and see the Clan Fraser stone
  • Stroll the streets of Inverness where Claire and Frank began their second honeymoon

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience

 Battle of Culloden

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience

Husband and wife Andy and Di are a real-life Outlander romance. The two share a passion for the Highlands, Outlander and reincarnation. You can listen to them discuss it more here.

Outlander: The Past Lives Experience offers:

  • Escorted Outlander Filming Locations Tours from Outlander and Scotland experts
  • Assistance with exploring past lives and self discovery on a personal level
  • The chance to uncover many gems of the Scottish Highlands 

Other Outlander Day Trips

Outlander Day Tour

Incorporate your favorite series with your Scotland Itinerary

With so much to see and do in Scotland, you may decide you want to get your Outlander fix in a day. Our Edinburgh Day Tour gives you the chance to do just that. 

You'll visit:

  • Jamie's family home, Lallybroch, officially called Midhope Castle
  • Linlithgow Palace where one of the most intense scenes takes place
  • Doune Castle - the real life Castle Leoch 

More on Scotland

Scotland Highland Cow

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For many, Outlander is merely the gateway to Scotland travel. This beautiful area offers so much from its rustic mountains and Celtic heritage to its delectable cuisine and incredible history. 

For more information on Scotland, check out: